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Review for Domino’s Pizza – Papamoa by Sarah


Not Celiac
Eat Gluten-Free Me Member

I added this location for Papamoa separate as I’m never sure if some Domino’s are better than others. They should be but different staff have a different methods with some franchises.

The Papamoa Dominos told me that they separate plates and separate cutters for gluten free pizza orders.

They still go the same ovens and the servers go across the same surfaces. So, cross contamination risk is high I would guess

The people making the pizza wear gloves but they would have to change them before making a gluten-free order to make me more confident as while the pizza is in a plate their thumbs might touch.

It would be worth asking them directly to do it.

They also use these ’spill rims’ when making so they don’t spill stuff while throwing the toppings on. I’m not sure if they have gluten-free / celiac friendly ones of those either.

Hard to be 100% confident but you could coach them through it except you cant stop the shared ovens I expect.

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Dedicated Gluten Free Menu? No
Celiac Friendly? Unsure
Confident they avoid cross contamination? Not Very
Separated Kitchen Prep Space? No
Separated Deep Fryers? No
Knowledgeable Staff? Unsure
Gluten-Free Items Marked
Dominoes Pizza Papamoa Gluten-Free