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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Child-friendly, Families, Business


(07) 572 0059

10, Salisbury Avenue, Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, 3116, New Zealand

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Community GF Reviews for Spongedrop Cakery

Review for Spongedrop by Hannah


Gluten Intolerant
Eat Gluten-Free Me Member

Spongedrop have a pretty reasonable range of GF foods including savoury scones and muffins, macarons, brownie and other baked goods. You definitely don’t feel like you’re missing out, or that the “normal” food is better than the GF offering.

Separate fryer N/A and they use the same oven for both GF and normal food. However they are meticulous both in the kitchen and FoH. Separate utensils are used for GF items and they are bagged separately to normal items. Owner Dani understands the risk of cross contamination and makes every effort to make Spongedrop a safe place for celiacs.

As well as a wide range of GF cabinet food, they also offer made-to-order items such as cakes and cupcakes that can modified to be gluten free. All of their GF items are just as delicious as their “normal” food items and you can’t even tell they’re GF!

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Dedicated Gluten Free Menu? No
Celiac Friendly? Unsure
Confident they avoid cross contamination? Very Confident
Separated Kitchen Prep Space? No
Separated Deep Fryers? No
Knowledgeable Staff? Yes
Gluten-Free Items Marked
Spongedrop Gluten Free Cafe