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Hello Banh Mi

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I eat here regularly and think the food is really delicious. I’ve asked the staff before about what on the menu is gluten-free but haven’t really got a clear answer so I’ve never really trusted coming here with my wife who is coeliac.

Today I asked one of the main guys about the menu again and he assured me that pretty much everything on the menu is gluten-free. They have rice rolls and Vietnamese Pho and a bunch of other stuff which have included in one of the photos below.

My only concern is around cross-contamination. He did say the deep fryer is gluten-free because they don’t really deep fry anything that has gluten, while this might be true. The general workstation does tend to run the risk of cross-contamination. Where they make the bread Bahn mi is very close to things like the rice rolls and it wouldn’t take much for some of the yummy crusty bread to break off in land even though the rice rolls are covered in the cabinet with glad-wrap  

The staff are great. The food is really delicious so if you’re gluten-free, I think it’s a good choice. If you want 100% coeliac friendly it may not meet the grade. 

This is a Cafe

Dedicated Gluten-Free: No
Celiac Friendly? Unsure

Separate Gluten-Free Kitchen Space: No

Dedicated Fryer: Yes

Gluten Free Options: No Gluten-Free Menu

Knowledgeable Staff: Unsure

Price: $

Sisters’s confidence regarding cross contamination?: Not Very

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