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The Barrel Room in Tauranga

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This is a harder one because they are more about drinks than food. So on the drinks front its a 5 star but on the food front its a 2.

Interestingly, they have a Gluten-Free beer from Belgium, if you want beer. If you don’t they have an incredible cocktails section, so many gins it was amazing. 

Also interesting, they have a Celiac chef in the kitchen. 

That’s about it though. They have items marked GF but they use the same fryer. They said they do their best but it’s the same prep area. The utensils are all separated and GF specific. 

I think you’d not plan to eat there if your GF / Celiac.

This is a Bar

Dedicated Gluten-Free: No
Celiac Friendly? No

Separate Gluten-Free Kitchen Space: No

Dedicated Fryer: No

Gluten Free Options: Gluten-Free Items Marked

Knowledgeable Staff: Unsure

Price: $$

Sarah’s confidence regarding cross contamination?: Not Very

Sarah’s overall rating for this Bar?

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