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The General

This gluten free eats review shared by Sonja

There are a few GF cabinet options and a decent number of menu items. I had the eggs on toast which was available as a GF option.

The GF bread was surprisingly delicious, densely filling and packed with seeds.

The staff did warn that it is not a GF kitchen so there is a risk of cross-contamination but they also said they have a separate toaster.

Not sure about any other separate preparation areas.

This is a Cafe

Dedicated Gluten-Free: No
Celiac Friendly? Yes

Separate Gluten-Free Kitchen Space: Unsure

Dedicated Fryer: Unsure

Gluten Free Options: Gluten-Free Items Marked

Knowledgeable Staff: Unsure

Price: $$

Sonja’s confidence regarding cross contamination?: Quite Confident

Sonja’s overall rating for this Cafe?

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