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This gluten free eats review shared by Sarah
Not Celiac
Eat Gluten-Free Me Member

The majority of the menu is gluten free. The food is delicious.

The staff were fairly knowledgeable, however…there was a mishap with dessert as they had recently changed suppliers and the ice cream I was served which was GF from the menu, actually had gluten containing biscuits in it.

Always a good reminder to double check you food.

Definitely still go back and the food is really good. Staff were goood apart from that change of supplier of ice cream.

This is a Restaurant

Dedicated Gluten-Free: No
Celiac Friendly? Yes

Separate Gluten-Free Kitchen Space: Unsure

Dedicated Fryer: Unsure

Gluten Free Options: Gluten-Free Items Marked

Knowledgeable Staff: Yes

Price: $$$

Sarah’s confidence regarding cross contamination?: Quite Confident

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