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Hey there! Are you a celiac or looking for gluten-free restaurants and places to eat? Yup, we know, it can be hard work, right?!

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Here's the latest gluten free restaurant reviews

  • Bar

    The Barrel Room in Tauranga

    Gluten Free Tip #2697

    26, Wharf Street, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, 3110, New Zealand

    Shared by Sarah
  • Cafe

    ALMA Cafe

    Gluten Free Tip #2690

    4, The Esplanade, Ōmokoroa, Bay of Plenty, 3114, New Zealand

    Shared by Mark
  • Cafe

    The Falls Cafe

    Gluten Free Tip #2521

    140, McLaren Falls Road, Omanawa, Bay of Plenty, 3171, New Zealand

    Shared by Mark
  • Cafe

    Wellington Airport

    Gluten Free Tip #2508

    Stewart Duff Drive, Wellington, Wellington, 6022, New Zealand

    Shared by Mark
  • Cafe

    Love Rosie Bakery

    Gluten Free Tip #2475

    50, Ninth Avenue, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, 3112, New Zealand

    Shared by Mark
  • The General Cafe - Gluten Free Options

    The General

    Gluten Free Tip #2386

    19b, Pacific Avenue, Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, 3116, New Zealand

    Shared by Sonja

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One of the biggest challenges being Celiac or Gluten-Intolerant is knowing if you will manage to find anything to eat if you travel or visit new places. Going out with friends? Check the restaurant first.

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